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A nation of laws ??? - #03


        I promised Professor James Cohen of Fordham U. Law, that my next Article – Article #03 in the continuing Saga of “A NATION OF LAWS ???”, would Surprise EVERYBODY who reads it. So, here goes:

            Would it surprise you to know that the Preeminent AUTHORITY on Signatures; the Dude who actually WROTE THE BOOK that EVERY Notary Public must use for a Text Book, in order to qualify as a Notary Public ----- He Don’t Know Jack Shit About SIGNATURES.  There!  Did THAT SURPRISE you ???

          TRANSLATION: “The thing about smart motherfuckers is…

                                             They sound like crazy motherfuckers,

                 to stupid motherfuckers”


If That didn’t Surprise you, then perhaps This will: I will Propose here that Georgia Governor, Nathan Deal’s Office make contact with me, so we can Explore the Potential for SHORTY to bring J.O.B.S. to the S.E. Georgia Area. For Example: Facilitating the Creation of; the Printing of; the Packaging of;  and the Shipping of


Did I mention that this Book can be translated into 66 LANGUAGES?

[But this is Something that must be DECIDED QUICKLY !!!]

(This Article will be continued shortly)

            Sounds crazy don’t it?  Okay, but that’s what that photo above is for.


            In addition to all of the Edited versions of EXODUS 2 - THE EVOLUTION REVOLUTION, there will be a Limited Printing of the RAW Version; Straight From Me To You! Word-for-Word; Just Like I Said It --- “From The Horse’s Mouth”.

            Here’s the Surprising part: This Book will generate $100,000,000.00 BEFORE THE FIRST BOOK IS EVEN PRINTED !!!  There will only be 500,000 Hardcover editions, and only 1,000,000 Paperbacks printed.

            Of course, this Edition will also be available in 66 Languages, and, as with any of the Editions, will come with an Esperanto translation attached to it.



            Okay. I’ll try to Surprise you one more time: Would it Surprise you, if I told you that I could generate Billions of Dollars for our Wounded Warriors? I had to fight with the VA for Seventeen years for my 100% Disability Benefits, and I really KNOW the Trials and Tribulations that go with the territory, when it comes to our Wounded Warriors getting what they EARNED from the VA.

            We can do this, under an Enterprise named: DAFWAM – Disabled American Fighting Women And Men­, and it will be run by my own Son, who is himself a Disabled War Veteran(Iraqi Freedom, I believe). Its Logo will be a caricature of me with four arms, and that will represent how Disabled Veterans universally feel when they are dealing with the VA. We wish that we could have four arms: so we could use the two lower arms to choke the shit of the VA; while at the same time, we could use the top two arms to be punching the shit out of the VA

            Of course, I would need the Support of millions of you, to accomplish such a task; but, together, we can certainly accomplish this, and “It won’t be nothin’ but a step, for a Stepper!”  Hey, and the magic of it is – the most surprising thing about this is --- that it won’t cost any of you ONE RED CENT!



You’re STILL not Surprised?  Okay. So let me tell you about The SHORTY Flag: The SHORTY Flag is a Global Flag, made to Unite all Nations. It is the ONLY Flag that has a property which can accommodate an image of ALL National Flags; like this:


            As soon as I get the finances to do so, I will have a program designed to change the image of the National Flag (here it’s Old Glory), to the image of ANY National Flag that one chooses to insert here. Because they both are an integral part of my life, I will also include the Puerto Rican Flag and the Black National Flag. There will also be a space where one can insert any other Flag, that I haven’t included in the Choice.

            The SHORTY Flag,  is truly a most UNIQUE Flag.

            By going to “THE SHORTY FLAG” button in the Navigation Bar, ANYBODY in the World can download a copy of  The SHORTY Flag, with their own National Flag inserted onto the one that they download.





“LOGISTICS” is the Bane of any Commanding General, in any War Campaign. The very same is true for THE JIHAD BLITZKRIEG (JIHAD = Holy War; BLITZKRIEG = Lightening War); with the added complication that it must be done “GLOBALLY”, and it must be done “AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT” .  This is the purpose of the two SHORTY Bumper Stickers. By clicking on the “SHORTY Bumper Stickers” Button in the Navigation Bar, two versions of the SHORTY Bumper Stickers can be downloaded, and all of SHORTY’S Shortys can display their attachment and committment to EXODUS 2.

The image below shows how they can be placed, on the INSIDE of the

car windows. That bad-assed Harley belongs to Mike, who also owns GOODFELLAS Pizzeria, on 238th Street & Waldo Avenue, in the Riverdale Section of the Bronx, NY.


My Compañeros                                                                                    

            I need Help!  Financial Help. I need for YOU to help me. PLEASE HELP ME !!!

            Help me to establish a Legal Advocacy Fund For SHORTY(LAFFS).

            Please allow me to offer you the Opportunity to be one of the VERY FIRST to obtain a copy of my Autobiographical/Documentary: EXODUS2™ - THE EVOLUTION REVOLUTION --- Taking Humankind To The Next Quantum Level; From Homo Sapiens, To Homo Creators. If you visit my website, exodus2.org, you can click on “Book Excerpt” in the Navigation Bar, and read a three-page excerpt from my book.

            If you like the Book Excerpt, you can obtain a “Dead Tree” copy of the entire book in exchange for a Donation to SHORTY.  For a $100.00 Donation to SHORTY, I will send you a Hardcover First Edition; and for a $50.00 Donation to SHORTY, I will send you a Paperback First Edition: Both Limited Edition, First Printing copies.

            However, as of this moment, there hasn’t been even one word, more than those first three pages for that excerpt – because My “Job” stopped THERE! Now it is time for me to pay someone else to do that “typing” for me. Shit, I paid “My Dues” already!

            There’s a lot of other stuff too, that I’m gonna need for me to feel comfortable enough, at this time in my life --- Starting with that Rolls Royce Phantom, Convertible; the “Yacht and Driveway” on St. Simons Island, in Georgia; and some nicer Bling.

     You can very easily help me to get there, by visiting my website, exodus2.org,and ordering your own copy of my book.

When I get 500,000 Donations for the Hardcover First Edition Book, and One Million Donations for the Paperback First Edition Book; I will contact AMAZON and they will start getting those books to you – PayPal will facilitate the Donations, which will be made to the Enterprise, and payable to SHORTY, a not-for-profit Enterprise.

            BEFOREANY MONEY is spent for ANYTHING ELSE, I will pay for the entire Book to be available to everyone, online,  through my website, exodus2.org, for FREE for EVERYBODY. I want EVERYBODY to be able to read this book for FREE, so that any Donations that are made to SHORTY, are made Joyously, and REALLY FREE!

            Of course these Books come with a 100% Money Back, Satisfaction, Guarantee!

            THANK YOU VERY MUCH, in advance, for your Interest and your Support.


                                                                                                            Cincerely Yours,

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