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Your Signature need not be HOMOLOGOUS

with Your Name  !!!


        Not too long ago President Obama appointed a new Treasury Secretary, who had a very distinct Signature. It looked something like this: OOOOOOOOOOOO. Shortly thereafter, he changed his Signature, to more accurately reflect his Name.

          That Coercion by the President, was done in Error; simply because of the Ubiquitous Ignorance about Signatures !!!

          In New York State, as I would believe is in other, if not ALL other, states, you can sign ANYTHING that you want as your Signature. You say: “What about with Checks, and at the Bank?” That is because you made an agreement with the Bank, that you would use ONLY THAT SIGNATURE when transacting business with them. But other than in those types of situations, you can Sign just about anything that you want to sign as your Signature.

          We can even take this further, and Subscribe a different “name, trade name, sign, symbol” --- Whatever !!! Today I can Legally use Santa Claus, The Tooth Fairy, and The Easter Bunny; as I was doing in Clinton Correctional Facility, before they ILLEGALLY prevented me from doing so, by subverting the Legally Established Guidelines. Hey, my all-time Favorite was: Publik Enemy #1. That’s how I used to sign all of those Grievances. Would You Believe That I still have a pending COMPLAINT in the Federal Court – WDNY, about that ? It’s from April 2002 !!!  By my attorney’s February 12, 2013 letter to Judge Siragusa, “…, plaintiff requests that the scheduling of the trial in this matter be held in abeyance until his Veterans Administration claim is concluded.”  That is:

Norman Calvert, a/k/a Caprice Caprice

vs. State of New York, et al. CIV No.: 02-CV-6194(CJS).

          The trouble now is, that the Veterans Administration is moving slower than Continental Drift --- even though they are required to, and have been ORDERED to EXPEDITE IT, from the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals in Washington DC; the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims, in Washington, DC; and the Board of Veterans Appeals, in Washington DC.  WTF ???  


To be continued:

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