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My Friends,

My name is Caprice, and I am the coolest thing since the Peppermint Patty.


 If that's gonna interfere, in any way, with you accepting the value and importance of my Teachings, then STOP RIGHT HERE - and don't waste any more of your time.



            If you want to stop Smoking, Drinking, Drugs –-- Just about ANY Habit Forming Behavior that afflicts you; PAY ATTENTION TO ME!

            First; we must make it Crystal Clear that you don’t know too many people who have smoked longer than me (45 years – I stopped in July 1998); you most likely don’t know too many people who have drank more alcohol than me; and you probably don’t know too many people who have used more drugs than me.

                I just want to start out by making all of that Crystal Clear.


Translation: “The thing about smart motherfuckers is...

   They sound like crazy motherfuckers, to stupid motherfuckers.”


          The very next thing we have to get settled; if I have your Undivided Attention: As a Human Being --- IT IS IMPOSSIBLE! Let me repeat: IT IS IMPOSSIBLE! And again: IT IS IMPOSSIBLE! --- To make a Decision, whereby you would be worse off than you were before you made that Decision.

            The ONLY reason we see people behaving in counter-productive manners – is that we lie to ourselves. As soon as we make it IMPOSSIBLE for us to lie to ourselves about something being beneficial to us, then that “something” becomes a part of our history.

            All we have to do is to begin by having an ARDENT DESIRE; then to DECIDE – and make it impossible for us to lie to ourselves. To do this, we can use what I have learned as The Ben Franklin Method of Decision Making”.

            You start with a pen, pencil, or keyboard, and a sheet of paper. At the top of the paper write the word ­REASONS. Under that divide the paper into two columns, and over each column write FOR and AGAINST.

            If you use this template for quitting Smoking, for example, then under the word AGAINST, you could put down: 1. Stinks; 2. Expensive; 3. Unhealthy, etc. You need to put down as many REASONS as you can AGAINST continuing that Behavior – think long and hard. The more reasons you can think of to put down AGAINST, the more Powerful your List will become. Then put down as many reasons as you can FOR continuing.

             In ALL CASES you will find that the AGAINST List is Waaaaaaay longer than the FOR list.

  “When you hear hoof-beats, think Horses – not Zebras.








                        FOR                                       AGAINST

1.     It Stinks

2.     It’s Expensive

3.     It’s Unhealthy

4.     It causes Fires

5.     Etc.

6.     Etc.

7.     Etc.

8.     Etc.

9.     Etc.






  My Positive Affirmation is:

                     I AM TOBACCO FREE!



            Make several copies of those lists, and place them all around you; in your home, in your car, at your place of work, etc. You want to SEE them as often and as continuously as possible; because THEY are the POWER that will be at work. Just by looking at them, they will make it IMPOSSIBLE for us to lie to ourselves; and this will work on you quickly.

            We can Turbo Charge this process, if we add a Positive Affirmation to the Mix. Such an Affirmation must be Positive, Personal, and Present Tense. In the case of quitting Smoking, one could Affirm: “I am a nonsmoker”, or I am Tobacco Free. This can be put at the bottom of your List, as it is above.

                     We can also Powerfully IMPACT The Spiritual Realm, by writing down our Affirmation, as we SPEAK it and READ it Aloud, at least 100 times a day, for 30 days. And we need to tell as many of those who are close to us as possible, that we are undertaking this Extraordinary Endeavor to be DRUG FREE BEFORE: _________.

            When we Ardently DESIRE to quit whatever it might be, we will make a DECISION Then we must consider our lists and make our Affirmations. Very soon we will BE that Person whom we want to be. That is ALL that we have to do; our Minds, combined with our Spiritual Selves, and our Faith, will do ALL of the "work" for us. For our purposes, we should all think of Faith like this: “When you come to the end of ALL the Light you have ever known, and you are about to leap out into the darkness; Faith is knowing that there will be something there for you to stand on, or you will be taught how to Fly!” Anonymous. This is a definition of "Faith" that we ALL must agree on, as we move towards being DRUG FREE.

            When your Mind sets you Free; you will be Free, indeed. You will NEVER have to worry about any withdrawal symptoms or side-effects, because your Mind will automatically eliminate those for you.

            Make your predominant thoughts reflect that person whom you want to be, and the New You will become - quicker than you can now imagine. It takes anywhere from 21 days to establish a new habit --- or break one. So, I feel confident and assured in unequivocally claiming that it is not at all unreasonable to begin expecting to see some Positive Results anytime after three weeks of a DILIGENT Application of my Teachings on “How To STOP SMOKING, DRINKING, DRUGS….”.

            “While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen; for the things which are seen are temporal[Physical], but the things which are not seen are eternal[Spiritual].” (2Cor. 4:18 NAS)

            Former U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s last [written] words were: “The only limit to our realization of tomorrow, will be our doubts of today. Let us move forward, with strong and active faith.”


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