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SAMESEXUALITY is a most Peculiar Phenomenon.


SHORTY’S Shortys Corner (SSC-1-P)


            First of all, Females get a Free Pass; because the overwhelming Majority of Males would desire to watch it going down, rather than to Scorn, Condemn, Demonize, Vilify, or all that Silly Shit.

            Males, on the other hand, Apparently, once they Willingly engage in #SAMESEXUALITY, they will risk EVERYTHING – Their Wife, their Children, their Career, their Family, their Friends --- and WHATEVER they have to Risk, to Engage in #SAMESEXUALITY as much as they possibly can; and the Overwhelming Majority of those who Scorn, Condemn, Demonize, Vilify, or all that Silly Shit,  will be #SAMESEXUALS, themselves.

            I am sorry, but I just don’t feel comfortable for my Leader – President to be on his back, with his legs up in the air, and he be enjoying getting fucked in his ass.

Especially if the Dick be two or three times bigger than mine.

            I Really, Positively, Truly HOPE that I will not have to change that Conviction, come this November 9th.

Fiefdoms, however, whatever that Fiefdom might be, can do WHATEVER they choose to do; because behind closed doors, and between consenting adults, is None of My Damn Business --- PERIOD!

A Parent who enjoys an activity – I mean REALLY ENJOYS an Activity – such as Skydiving; or Hunting and Fishing; or Cooking; or Sewing; or Chess; On and On, will Almost Always Enthusiastically pass the Experience of that Activity on to his Children.

But if a Parent – most especially a Male Parent – so much as Suggests the Idea of #SAMESEXUALITY, to their minor child, that Parent will certainly be “Prosecuted to the fullest extent of the Law”. and the Overwhelming Majority of those who Scorn,


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Condemn, Demonize, Vilify, or all that Silly Shit, are #SAMESEXUALS, themselves.

Just a Thought of mine – A Most Peculiar” Thought.

Please visit my website, exodus2.org/Second Weed Lawsuit as Filed. And if you want to learn more about EXODUS2 – The Evolution Revolution, you will also want to click on /Website Introduction; /A Message From Ambassador Caprice; /Prepared Statement of Ambassador Caprice; and my two minute video, /Weed Lawsuit video.

            Together, we can propel Humankind into The Kingdom of Heaven. Not in thousands, or hundreds of years; but with THE JIHAD BLITZKRIEG, we will be able to accomplish this APOTHEOSIS, almost instantly – maybe even within two years!

            My website can be translated into 66 different Languages, so if your Native Language is not English, chances are that your Native Language is included there.

But even if your Native Language is not included there, you can still go to exodus2.org, and the download button Right There, will get you to the SHORTY Bumperstickers, which are SYMBOLS, equally understood by ALL Languages. Download the SHORTY Bumperstickers, and place them All Over.exodus2.org.

            Again, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for contacting me.

            I’m doing better than the Butcher’s Puppy; and, So Can YOU!

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Ambassador Caprice

The Ambassador-at-Large of

The Kingdom of Heaven

Snellville, GA  30039

EXODUS2 – The Evolution Revolution


                                                                                                                For The APOTHEOSIS,



                                                                                                                        Ambassador Caprice

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