U.S. Supreme Court Ruling EVER!


            There is no Judge, no Attorney (including the proverbial First year Law Student), no FBI Agent; not even Joe Splibbengates, Joe Neckbone, Willie Bobo, or The Village Idiot, who will agree with this Ruling --- and YOU won’t agree with it either!

            To begin with, the FBI Complaint, No. 94-0290M, was never signed by a US Magistrate Judge. But this was only used to thwart the Timely Filing Requirements. A Misdemeanor Information was filed eight months after the Arrest.

            That Misdemeanor Information was incorrectly worded, “and” Vs “or”, and when that incorrect wording was transferred to the JUDGMENT of Conviction, that JUDGMENT of Conviction, itself, was rendered Illegal. Not to mention the Illegal Sentence – Time Served – by the best scenario I did six months and six days; but I believe that I did six months and twenty days – on a six month Maximum Sentence.

            All three of the current female Associate Justices took part in this Misdemeanor Conviction: Justice Ginsburg as a U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Denied my Petition; Justice Sotomayor Denied at least one of my Appeals in the Second Circuit (There were six of them – five times the Second Circuit Ruled in ERROR); Justice Kagan, as the U.S. Solicitor General would not even deign to respond to my Petition.

            This MISDEMEANOR was assigned to Three AUSAs; Three Defense Attorneys; Seven U.S. Magistrate Judges; Three U.S. District Court Judges; Eighteen U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals Judges; One U.S. Supreme Court Justice; and also the U.S. Solicitor General ( who is now a U.S. Supreme Court Justice). Considering that this MISDEMEANOR was Appealed FIVE times (remanded once). Not counting Elana Kagan, there have been THIRTYFIVE FEDERAL JUDICIAL DECISIONS that have been made on this simple  MISDEMEANOR ---  ALL OF THEM WRONG!

            The United States now has only two options to choose from: Either the United States has been SPECIFICALLY TARGETING ME; or my MISDEMEANOR is simply “a Microcosm of the Macrocosm”. This is like the “Rock and Hard Place” Dilemma. And, if this is “a Microcosm of the Macrocosm” --- If the United States cannot be relied upon to adjudicate a low-level, insignificant, bullshit MISDEMEANOR, how can ANYBODY trust the United States to Rule on this EXODUS2RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION Matter ?!?!?!




(By SHORTY, Inc., the Personification of SHORTY, the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth, and Sovereign of the Kingdom of Heaven, PLAINTIFF in the Next Step of the Federal Civil Rights/RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION Lawsuit 20-CV-2389(MHC).)

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