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            In addition to the UNLAWFUL Federal MISDEMEANOR conviction, below, which cost me 15 years in New York State prison(1995-2010), on October 16th, 2012 I was UNLAWFULLY EVICTED from my Bronx, New York apartment; against which I filed a pro se COMPLAINT in the Atlanta Federal Court, on July 15th, 2013, and First Amended it, on September 21st, 2013:

Caprice Caprice v. M. Rubin & Co. LLC, et al., 13 CV 2371 (RLV).        Besides UNLAWFULLY EVICTING me, this Slumlord, MORRIS RUBIN, has been UNLAWFULLY EVICTING American Citizens from that building for the past 17 years. You can view this entire COMPLAINT by following this path:

exodus2.org/Caprice e-School of Law/First Amended COMPLAINT. You can also Google “Slumlord Morris Rubin”. Really MIND-BOGGLING!!!


            Four Brooklyn VA Hospital Police officers testified in Federal Court, UNDER OATH, that they did NOT arrest me on February 10th, 1994. I want to PUBLICLY take a Polygraph, to refute that Perjury, which cost me 15 years in NY State Prison.

            See the attached letter that I sent to Guinness World Records; and see my 15 minute video, THE JIHAD BLITZKRIEG, on my website, exodus2.org.

            My cell is: (347) 530-4025; if you require more info.

            THANK YOU VERY MUCH, in advance, for your help



Claim ID

Claim Title



Number of Judges to preside over a Misdemeanor


MS. ALISON OZANNE, Legal Affairs

Guinness World Records NA, Inc.

45 West  45th Street  Suite 902

New York, NY  10036

                                                                                                            September 28th, 2013


Hey Alison,

            My name is Caprice, and I am the coolest thing since the Peppermint Patty.

            I am a 69 year old Wounded Warrior. A Decorated and Disabled Viet Nam Veteran, with TWO Honorable Discharges from the United States Army.

            I am rated by the Veterans Administration as 100% DISABLED!

            While I am, indeed, going for the Record for the Number of Judges to preside over a Misdemeanor, there is MUCH, MUCH, MUCH more to that Misdemeanor!!!

            On February 10th, 1994, while I was a patient on the locked Psychiatric Ward of the Brooklyn Veterans Hospital, three female federal employees were allegedly assaulted; one of whom had her neck slashed, requiring six stitches.

            The VA Hospital Police arrested me for that incident. However, the Assistant United States Attorney, Mr. Jason Brown, Declined to Prosecute. That would have ended the matter, were it not for VA Hospital Administrator, Mr. James Farsetta, who, KNOWING that New York State Lacked Jurisdiction in this matter, he ordered the VA Hospital’s Police to turn me over to New York State for Prosecution.

            The Bottom Line here, is: The United States of America KIDNAPPED ME !!!

            Which violates, at the very least, Title 18 USC §§ 241 & 242; 3161 & 3162.

            In defiance of Physical Laws, and Chronology, itself; VA Hospital Chief of Police, Gregory Bennett, had a copy of the “The U.S. District Court Warrant For Arrest #94-0290M” attached to his Report of 2/28/94, when the FBI COMPLAINT upon which that Arrest Warrant was based, was not dated until the next day, March 1st, 1994.

            Moreover, the FBI COMPLAINT was NOT Signed by a U.S. Magistrate Judge, which flagrantly and blatantly violates the Fourth and Fifth Amendments.

            Alison, you simply won’t believe the “Cluster Fuck” that followed this fiasco:

            The Police Officer in the NYPD 68th Precinct, whom the VA Hospital appears to be

very familiar with – clearly indicating prior Jurisdictional Malfeasance – was on vacation at this time, so I was transferred to Montrose VA Hospital’s Acute Intensive


(Page #2)


Care Psychiatric Ward. This required us to pass by THREE Federal Courthouses. JUST AS SOON AS I was taken beyond the FIRST Federal Courthouse, I was KIDNAPPED !!!

            Somehow the FBI got wind of this Malefaction, and told the VA Hospital that their arrest of me was ILLEGAL! From there, somehow, (well The Village Idiot  could probably readily detect clear and convincing, prima facie Evidence that FBI Special Agent Anthony John Nelson and VA Hospital Chief of Police Gregory Bennett joined together in a Conspiracy to CRIMINALLY Deprive me of my CIVIL RIGHTS, which violates Title 18 United States Code, Sections 241 and 242).

            The Plot Thickens! SIX Pretrial MOTIONS to Dismiss, were filed; one was Oral.

            Title 18 United States Code, Section 3161, requires that in the absence of an Excusable Delay, the Government MUST Indict within 30 days. Well, that two week wait for their NYPD Friend to come back from vacation, combined with that two week Stint on Riker’s Island, put a Natural Hurtin’ on that 30 days; and on March 8th, 1994, when I FINALLY got before a Judge in the Proper Jurisdiction(see attached), the Judge, John L. Caden, himself also a Viet Nam Veteran, Clearly instructed both my Legal Aid Lawyer, and the Prosecutor to bring me back to him, because he didn’t want me to be going to every Magistrate Judge(there are 14, I went before half of them).

            There exists a comradery amongst Viet Nam Veterans which Supersedes otherwise normal boundaries, proscriptions, and protocols, which would manifestly interfere with those sinister and nefarious conspiratorial designs being concocted in this Cluster Fuck; necessitating that another Duty Magistrate be assigned to this case.

            However, by that time, March 15th, 1994 --- 33 DAYS HAD ELAPSED !!!

            I REMAINED IN Pretrial confinement until August 29th, 1994. ANY WAY you count that, it is more than Six Months; making the sentence, “Time Served”,  ILLEGAL!

            In order to cover-up that BOGUS FBI COMPLAINT, it was superseded with a Criminal Information on October 21st, 1994. That document misquoted the Statute, Title 18 USC § 113(d); and THAT misquote was transferred to the Judgment of Conviction, rendering that Judgment, itself, UNCONSTITUTIONAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            One final tidbit about this Most Unusual MISDEMEANOR: You will NEVERfind another case where ALL THREE Female U.S. Supreme Court Justices took part, much less an Appeal of a Misdemeanor Conviction; BEFORE Two of them became Supreme Court Justices: Justice Ginsburg – as a U.S. Supreme Court Justice, Decided it; Justice Sotomayor – as a U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals Judge, Ruled Against it; Justice Kagan – as the U.S. Solicitor General Waived the Government’s right to Respond to it.

            Oh yeah, every time a case goes before a U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, at least THREE Judges Decide the issue. Therefore, with those SIX times that this Case went before that Court, up to another potential EIGHTEEN JUDGES could be involved here.

            I’m doin’ better than the Butcher’s Puppy; and, so can YOU!


                                                                                                            for: The Apothesis,



                                                                            Caprice Caprice

                                                                                                                      Job 41:8

          If this letter is not complete, you can read the complete letter, in 66 Languages, by following this path: exodus2.org/Letter to Guinness World Records.

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