All my SHORTY’S Shortys in da house! Let’s make some noise up in here!

                Me: Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap! YEAAAAAAAAAAH!   Stop.   Surprised!

                I don’t hear any noise up in here. But, that’s okay. Because that’s gonna change, quicker than you can possibly imagine.

                THANK YOU VERY MUCH for coming here, to meet with me.

                You’re gonna need to turn on your Bleepers and Seven-Second Delays; because I’m gonna start off by dropping a few F-Bombs.

                About a million years ago I read this novel, where the Lady says: “You got it made in America when you got ‘Fuck You!’ Money.”

                Raise your hand, if you agree with that. That’s what I’m talkin’ about.

                “You got it made in America when you got ‘Fuck You!’ Money.”

                So, imagine that you got you summa dis “Fuck You! Money”, and you be drivin’ down the street, and the PoPo pulls you over. Officer PoPo tells you: “Sir, you were driving 85 mph in a 25 mph School Zone. I’m gonna need your Driver’s License and Registration.”

                Remember now; you got you summa dis “Fuck You! Money”; so, you be like: "Fuck You! MuthaFucka! Why the Fuck are you playin’ me so close? What YOU need to do is to step the Fuck off! And stay the Fuck out of my face!”

                Didn’t you just then feel something visceral, in your gut? Like: “Oh, God, All My Life I’ve been wanting to do that.”

                Myself, I would NEVER want to see the day where ANYBODY thought it was okay to talk to a Police Officer that way. That is: “One foot into Anarchy, and the other foot on a banana peel”.

                However, wouldn’t it be sooo very, very, cool, if we could ALL do that to the PoPo with Marijuana? Let’s see now: H.R. 1308, codified as, Public Law No. 103-141, The Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993,

“Prohibits any agency, department, or official of the United States or

any State (the government) from substantially burdening a person’s exercise of religion even if the burden results from a rule of general applicability, except that the government may burden a person’s exercise of religion only if it demonstrates that the application of the burden to the person: (1) furthers a compelling governmental interest, and (2) is the least restrictive means of furthering that compelling governmental interest”. When this is combined with the First Amendment’s: “Congress shall make no Law respecting an Establishment of Religion, or Prohibiting the Free Exercise Thereof”, it says that SHORTY’S Shortys can smoke all of the Marijuana that they want, whenever and wherever they want to, Until “the government” can “demonstrate” that Pot is more dangerous than Peanuts.

I was born just about as far South in the South Bronx as you can possibly get; The Old Lincoln Hospital. As a Bricklayer (Local 37, Bronx, NY), I helped to build The New Lincoln Hospital.

Not only have I been locked up in more than a dozen Penal Institutions (City and County Jails, State and Federal Prisons and Penitentiaries, and a Military Stockade), I have also been locked up in more than a dozen Psych Wards (City, County, State, Federal, and Military). I actually woke up in a Straight Jacket, and in a Pink-Padded Cell, in St. Albans Naval Hosp.; NYC.

I smoke Weed, I watch Porn, and I Masturbate. I got about a Buck-Thirty I.Q.  I am that Nasty, Drunken Bum, you see sleeping in the gutter.

My name is Caprice, and I am the coolest thing since the Peppermint Patty.

         I am so cool, in fact, that SHORTY, The Creator of the Heavens and the Earth, and Sovereign of the Kingdom of Heaven, has appointed Me to be the Ambassador–at-Large of the Kingdom of Heaven.

          As you probably already know, an Ambassador-at-Large is a Diplomatic Official of the Highest Order, sent by a Sovereign to accomplish a Special Mission.

          My Special Mission is EXODUS2™ - The Evolution Revolution, and

it will take Humankind to the next Quantum Level, from Homo Sapiens to

Homo Creators.  EXODUS2™ will lift up ALL of Humankind to an Infinitely Higher state of Consciousness, synergistically multiplying the potency of YOUR Creative Conscious Energy by more than SEVEN BILLION  times.  You and I, ALL of us, as Individuals, will be like GOD! This is our Inheritance, our Birthright; and now we have the Technology to attain this incomparably Majestic Apotheosis.

         Many of the Prophets have spoken of this time; All of the World’s Major Religions, and the Mayan Long-Count Calendar, have predicted that it would arrive at EXACTLY this point in our History.

         Aren’t YOU expecting it? Of course you are. Well, here it is:

                In Matthew 11:12B, The Master said: “…the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force.  So, let’s get to taking! We can begin by clicking on the Download Button, Introduction - SHORTY’S Bumper Stickers, and put these SHORTY’S Bumper Stickers ALL OVER, so that every time you see one of them, it compels you to think about EXODUS 2- THE EVOLUTION REVOLUTION.




Now I’m gonna pause, to give you some time to view my 2 videos:

       Lawsuit Video --- 2 minutes.

       JIHAD BLITZKRIEG – Video --- 15 min.

                Let’s find the Weed Lawsuit Video first. Then, when all of you are ready, I will count: “One, Two, Three, Push”, and all of you will hit the Play Button together. [After 2½ minutes]:

                Now let’s find THE JIHAD BLITZKRIEG – Video. Then, when all of you are ready, I will count: “One, Two, Three, Push”, and all of you will hit the Play Button together. [After 15½ minutes]:

                        Being as I am from the South Bronx, I grew up learning that if you moved into a new Community, and you wanted everybody to know that you ain’t nothin’ to mess with; you stepped up to the biggest, baddest Dude in that Community, and punched them right in their face.

As the Ambassador-at-Large of the Kingdom of Heaven, I am the Representative of SHORTY, the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth, and Sovereign of the Kingdom of Heaven, and the Community that I am moving into, is The Global Community, where the biggest, baddest Dude is The United States. Accordingly, I am going to step up to the United States, right in their own Jungle, the United States Courthouse, and punch them right in their face with 09-10323, [See Supreme Court Decision 09-10323]. And if you haven’t already done so, you should also see my fifteen minute video, JIHAD BLITZKRIEG Video; and my two minute video, Weed Lawsuit Video.

Recently we filed a Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit against The United States, claiming that ALL of SHORTY’S Shortys have a Religious Right to smoke Marijuana whenever and wherever they desire, and that that Right is Protected by the First Amendment’s “Free Exercise” Clause, and also by The Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993.

                This Federal Weed Lawsuit has been filed as a Class Action Lawsuit, and with YOUR Help, Participation, and Support, will certainly become the Biggest Class Action Lawsuit EVER Filed       .

                You can Help by getting on your Social Media, and spreading the word.

                You can Participate by joining this Federal Weed Lawsuit.

                You can Support by getting a SHORTY Lapel Pin, in exchange for a $25.00 Donation to SHORTY (75% of the proceeds will go Directly to DAFMAW, for Our Disabled Veterans). Visit Symbol, to learn the Meaning of The SHORTY symbol. You’re REALLY gonna like it!

                Get your SHORTY Lapel Pins from: Pin.

                You can view our Lawsuit at Weed Lawsuit; and you can view a few other items that will be available to you shortly, at’S Donation Stuff.

                THANK YOU VERY MUCH for sharing your valuable time with me.

                I’m doin’ better than the Butcher’s Puppy, and, so can YOU !!!

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