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NEWSPAPER  EDITORS:          October 16 20 26th , 2013

                                                                               (DJ Izzy’s Birthday)


From Her, through Me, to You,

          You are invited to publish this Letter.  

        PLEASE consider this as: “SHORTY’S Intro Letter”:

“These that have turned the world

upside down are come hither also;”

(Acts 17:6b KJV)


I am The Coolest Thing Since The Peppermint Patty;



in Columbia U. and N.Y.U.;

except  for  VIC  !!! [Because, sotto voce, VIC, who I thought was my LONGTIME FRIEND (1970’s, “back in MY DAY“, when VIC still had that Puppy Breath); just told me that if I contacted him again, he would “need to contact the authorities regarding this].




(On the One Year Anniversary of my UNLAWFUL  EVICTION)


“When you hear hoofbeats, think horses; Not zebras.”


     Have any of you EVER heard of a MISDEMEANOR CONVICTION reaching the United States Supreme Court(09-10323) ???  Moreover --- ALL THREE of the Female Supreme Court Justices took part in this  UNLAWFUL  MISDEMEANOR CONVICTION at some point along its path:

JUSTICE GINSBURG, as a U.S. Supreme  Court Justice, DENIED me Certiorari;

JUSTICE SOTOMAYOR, as a Second Circuit Court Judge, RULED AGAINST me;

JUSTICE KAGAN, as the U.S. Solicitor General, WAIVED the Right to RESPOND!


I have been fighting this MISDEMEANOR from before Justin Bieber was born!



            In GUERRA v. JOHNSON [90 F 3d 1051(5TH Cir 1996)] the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, quoting U.S. v. CASTENEDA [951 F 2d 44,48 (5th Cir 1992)] ruled that: “We will declare testimony incredible as a matter of law, only when it ‘is so unbelievable on its face that it defies physical laws.’” “…so unbelievable on its face that it defies physical laws.

         This MISDEMEANOR Conviction is:  INCREDIBLE - as a matter of law!”

          There is NO STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS for Fraud and Misrepresentation!

          The February 28th, 1994 Report of Brooklyn VA Hospital Chief of Police, Gregory Bennett, states: “The U.S. District Court Warrant for Arrest, 94-0290M, is Attached to this Report.” That Report is dated THREE TIMES as 2/28/1994!  However, the FBI Complaint, Docket Number 94-0290M, upon which that “Warrant for Arrest” is based, is not even dated until MARCH 1ST, 1994! (Justin Bieber’s Day of Birth) Furthermore, that FBI Complaint is not even SIGNED by a U.S. Magistrate Judge, rendering ANY Warrants in violation of the 4th and 5th Amendments.

          Will YOU, Law Professors from Columbia and NYU, Grant me Certiorari?

          Yes, I DO complain!  And Rightfully So!

          And THAT ain’t even the half of it!

          Digging themselves even DEEPER into this Kafkaesque Quagmire --- that BOGUS Felony, FBI Complaint was Superseded by a Misdemeanor Information, Docket Number 94-CR-1095(CBA). That’s the Honorable CAROL BAGLEY AMON, who, Amazingly and Remarkably, is now the Chief Judge of the USDC-EDNY !!!  I can tell you STORIES about the MIND-BOGGLING and PROFOUND DEPTHS of her JUDICIAL INCOMPETENCE!

          “In the land of the blind, the one-eyed men are Kings.”

          Have any of you EVER heard of a WRIT in the Nature of Audita Querela?  You can find it in an older version of the Civil Rule 60, 1946 Amendment.

          Anyway, that “MI” was dated Oct. 21st, 1994; eight months after the Feb. 10th incident. That “MI” was also Misworded, using “and” rather than the Statutory “or”. That Miswording was Transferred to the Judgment of Conviction, which, therefore, renders that MISDEMEANOR Conviction in violation of the 4th and 5th Amendments. Also, since I spent more than the maximum six months sentence, in pretrial confinement; the Sentence of “TIME SERVED” is, itself, UNCONSTITUTIONAL !!!

The ONLY MISDEMEANOR to ever get more ATTENTION than this MISDEMEANOR is

Hip Hop Supa Dupa Diva, Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliott.

        Yet! I was DENIED Certiorari by the U.S. Supreme Court !!!

          In our “Nation of Laws”, “The Inmates are running the Asylum” !!!!!!!!!!

          This is just the FIRST of the Many VERY Unusual Cases on the Recent Record that I will be Litigating. Other VERY Unusual cases can be viewed thru this path: exodus2.org/VERY Unusual Cases.

          Would You PLEASE Write an amicus curiae “OPINION”, either “Dissenting” or “Agreeing” about this MISDEMEANOR CONVICTION; by following this path: “exodus2.org/CLEAR CAPRICE/Amicus Curiae OPINIONS/Dissenting OPINIONS –or- Concurring OPINIONS”, and use your amicus curiae OPINION to tell the President of the United States what you feel about this MISDEMEANOR CONVICTION --- which was the MOST DAMAGING evidence against me at my State Trial, and cost me FIFTEEN Very Long years of my life in New York State Maximum Security Prisons. This Offer also ubiquitously extends to EVERY POLITICIAN who EVER uttered the statement that: “Ours is A Nation of Laws!”  And I ask our illustrious Fourth Estate to POLL each and every of these Politicians, whether they submitted their Opinion of this MISDEMEANOR to the President.

          But,  FIRST SEE my 15 minute video, THE JIHAD BLITZKRIEG.

It’s VERY EASY to “Submit” your amicus curiae OPINION to the President – And     

 You can do it in 66 Different Languages.

          This path: “exodus2.org/THE JIHAD BLITZKRIEG/26 Documents”, will lead you to all of the Official Documents which incontrovertibly, and irrevocably SUPPORT my Claims !!!





          Master Salesman Guru, Mr. Brian Tracy, teaches us that EVERYONE is PREOCCUPIED; and in order for you to BREAK that Preoccupation, you must, figuratively, “Throw a Brick through a Plate Glass Window”.

          I need to raise money for, inter alia, a LEGAL FUND to litigate some of the most unusual legal cases on Recent Record. I will need ONLY TWO Special Investors to invest  $10,000,000.00 each; which I will return with a 100% ROI or APR, whichever they might choose. To get that sum of money, I will “Throw a Brick through a Window!

I will Create OVER $10,000,000,000.00 – OVERNIGHT !!!


          TWO PEOPLE are all I really need, with $10,000,000.00 each; and I will choose theseTWO Special Investors from the first 1,000 to 2,500 who transfer $10,000,000.00 to my PayPal account --- not to worry, I can NOT touch this Not for Profit Account; and PayPal will return all of that money directly and intact, to ALL of You !!!


            For my own purposes, $10,000,000.00 is waaaaay more than enough. The Second $10,000,000.00 will initiate aSt. Patrick’s Cathedral Building Fund, for my appreciation of their providing a Memorial Service for my Firstborn Son,Israel DJ Izzy Calvert. In the event that St. Patrick’s Cathedral wishes to collaborate, I could suggest establishing a small structure, which would attract visitors from around the world, who will come, specifically, to exchange a donation to the Building Fund for an 8 ½ X 11 piece of paper; Perpetually!


            A SHORTY, Luxury Leather, FIRST Printing of The ESPERANTO/ENGLISH BIBLE will be given to each of the Potential $10,000,000.00 Special Investors. Additional copies of these SHORTY, Luxury Leather, FIRST Printingof The ESPERANTO/ENGLISH BIBLE will be available to ANYONE who donates $10,000,000.00 to SHORTY. Also available will be the Leather-bound, Luxury, SECOND Printing of The ESPERANTO/ENGLISH BIBLE, to ANYONE who donates $1,000,000.00 to SHORTY. (Malachi 3:10; Luke 6:38; 12:32 NAS)


          All I want is a Phenomenal amount of MONEY to “Break that ‘Plate Glass Window’”, and Compel The GLOBAL MEDIA’s   ATTENTION!!!  

          Then I will be able to generate some REAL MONEY, with “The SHORTY Symbol Jewelry and Clothing Line”. Each of the 1,000 to 2,500potential investors will receive a Limited Edition of The SHORTY Symbol Lapel Pin; and one of the TWO will get my Washington Redskins  Ring, and the other one will get my Poverty Sucks Necklace. For more information & photos, follow: exodus2.org/SHORTY/ The SHORTY Symbol Jewelry and Clothing.


I am SHORTY’S Shorty, and SHORTY is Mine!

John 17:21 NAS: that they may all be one; even as Thou, Father,

art in Me, and I in Thee, that they also may be in Us; that the world

may believe that Thou didst send Me.” Cf.: “exodus2.org/SHORTY/

The  SHORTY Symbol Explanation In 66 Languages



Check out my Supurb “Character Reference”!

(From USDC-SDNY Senior U.S. District Court Judge Charles S. Haight, Jr.)

 (Follow this path: “exodus2.org/Ten Bil’ Overnight/Character Reference”)

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