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          This case is now in the Appellate Division-First Department on a MOTION for Reconsideration for an IFP Application; Regarding a 25 year old Divorce; which, after being Vacated, was UNCONSTITUTIONALLY Reinstated. Index No. 071718/88. At the same time, this case is also there, on Appeal from a Decision in the Bronx Supreme Court, Index No. 309725/2011-BX, where I was UNLAW-FULLY EVICTED, by an LLC that has been UNLAWFULLY EVICTING American Citizens for MORE THAN 17 YEARS.

        Back in the Autumn of 1985 I “OD’d” THREE TIMES in a month. Connie had to get our Kids away from me. She left me around June or July of 1986, and got Divorced on October 18th, 1988; Index No. 071718/1988 -  New York County.

          That Divorce is now under Appeal, awaiting an in forma pauperis Application Ruling in the First Department. My grounds for Appeal are that the Summons was served on someone who was 5’ 6” and 110 pounds; while I was, at that time, 6’ 3” and about 190 pounds. That Summons was NOT Possibly Served on ME; and the Divorce was UNCONSTITUTIONAL

          After I got arrested in 1995, I began to frequent the Law Library, and I soon saw the Error of that Divorce. I filed a Petition to Reverse and Vacate that Divorce. The Court agreed with me, and did so without any ado. Then Connie got her brother, a paralegal, to move to Overturn that ORDER  to Reverse and Vacate. The Judge “Caved-in”, and did so. At that time I was facing what might be more than another 10 years in prison, and I didn’t think it was fair to Connie, to keep her in that “Suspended Animation” for so long, and I withdrew my opposition to her wishes – NOT to the Divorce.

          In this instant Petition to Vacate the Divorce I am claiming that once the Judge was Duly Apprised that the Divorce was UNCONSTITUTIONAL, The Court lacked Jurisdiction to reinstate it, Under ANY Circumstances Whatsoever!

          The current Judge, Honorable LORI S. SATTLER, Ruled that I waived my right to challenge the Divorce, when I ceased to pursue it in 1998; but I say that it was in Error for the Judge to reinstate an UNCONSTITUTIONAL Divorce.Putting Lipstick on a Pig!

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