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                      The SHORTY Symbol

 CORONAVIRUS! Disappear !!!         While I do not agree with everything that Confucious purportedly said, I do agree that "A picture is worth a thousand words."

          A SYMBOL, however, speaks Concepts, Ideas, Convictions, Beliefs, in volumns.

          Read The Meaning of The SHORTY Symbol, because SHE will FREE Us.



The SHORTY Symbol
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The Meaning Of The SHORTY


Symbol/Medallion/Logo/Lapel Pin



            The SHORTY Medallion, Logo, and Lapel Pin are the same image, but they are used in different matters.

          At the heart of each, is The SHORTY Symbol.

          First, can you see “SHORTY”? SH – OR – TY.

          In Numerology, the number Six is the imperfect number; the number Seven is the perfect number; and the number Eight is the resurrection number, the number for New Beginnings. That is not the resurrection for coming back to life, but the resurrection of “bringing back into notice or use”.

          Having said that, The SHORTY Medallion is an eight-sided octagon, with  The SHORTY Symbol, at its heart, being a number eight (vertically).

          When viewed horizontally, The SHORTY Symbol is the International Symbol of  Infinity – two zeros side-by-side and joined together.

          Returning to the vertical, the “S” stands for SHORTY, of course; but it also stands for Spirit, which SHORTY certainly is.

            The color Green signifies Esperanto, The International Language.

          The color Gold signifies Preciousness.

          The color Purple signifies Royalty.

          The color White signifies Purity.

          So, anyone who associates themselves with The SHORTY Symbol, or otherwise adopts it, by wearing it; purchasing it; displaying it, etc., declares to all of Humankind; to the entire Universe; and Especially to THEMSELVES, that they are:

International and Infinite, Resurrected SPIRIT;

Precious, Royal, and Pure.

           Those three foreign words in the center of The SHORTY Symbol are in the International Language, Esperanto; and they can be translated into English as: A new epoch is being born.

          Incidentally, in every other Spiritual/Religious Movement that ever was, before EXODUS2 - THE EVOLUTION REVOLUTION; if anyone wished to participate in that Movement, they would have to “opt in”, and in most cases, would also have to pass a certain Initiation process to join the membership.

          EXODUS2™ - THE EVOLUTION REVOLUTION is exactly opposite to that; in that EVERYBODY is already a SHORTY’S Shorty “by default”; and will have to “opt out” if they wish to disassociate from SHORTY’S Shortys.

          Just about everybody wears EVERY OTHER Lapel Pin on the Left, to signify that it is "From the Heart. The SHORTY Lapel Pin is to be worn on the Right, to signify that it is "Through the Spirit".

          If you would like to learn more about me, you can start with my Website Introduction; and THE JIHAD BLITZKRIEG - Video [15 minutes]

I’m doin’ better than the butcher’s puppy; and so can you!


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